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Noncitizen and illegal migrant voters

Welcome to our public, lawmaker, media, candidate & campaign awareness website for the issue of noncitizen and illegal migrant voters.

Our large and growing collection of documentation and proof shows there is a systematic vulnerability in our US election laws and systems being exploited by non-citizens who are registering and voting illegally in many states.  There is clearly a pattern of widesrpead non-citizen voters.

Aside from a few voter ID laws, there are no significant safeguards in place to prevent illegal immigrants, undocumented migrants, illegal aliens, or “newcomers” as you prefer from displacing American voters and deciding US elections. 

The main beneficiary of illegal noncitizen voters is the Democratic Party and Democrat candidates who work through NGOs, state and federal agencies, criminal syndicates, and trade unions to register and and cast illegal migrant votes.

Please explore, evaluate, share, and utilize our growing collection of examples that refute those making false claims that non-citizen voters are not an important and impactful issue.

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Collection of Proof Showing illegal
Noncitizen Voters Are A Nationwide Problem

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